Making Dreams Come True

At L Events, we create, design, and aid in bringing your event to life. All events are coordinated to address the purpose and message of the organization we represent. With our services, we communicate with both the client and vendor as needed.  


L Events was created as a means to aid those in a creative disposition. Although we all enjoy attending beautiful events, producing them can be quite a task. We are here to save you the headache. Our packages provide the client with excellent consultations during the initial stages of your planning. 


For all contracted events, an event manager is provided. This person will guide, plan, and execute the prescribed event. They are responsible for the creative, technical and logistical elements of your event. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategies, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service.


At L Events, we desire to bring your dreams to light while enhancing your vision. 

Lupita-Maria Matadi
Founder & Creative Director
L Events Managment.png